Paint Nite Masterpieces – Part 2

Paint Nite is my ultimate favorite outing now: no kids, a little drink, a delicious appetizer, a dab of paint and a whole lot of fun! Did I mention no kids? Thank you sweet sweet hubby who watches them while I paint till my hearts content. I love my boys with all my being but having mommy time while being creative is just heaven. I always look forward to coming home and cuddling them when I’m done. They love seeing my masterpieces, especially when it ends up decorating their play area. (I’m running out of wall space in my house for sure)

I’ve done quite a few since September 2014! Check out Paint Nite Masterpices post and see how these painting can be personalized for gifts. 🙂


This was a fun one!  I went with just my mom and surprisingly my in-laws were painting there too! So we sat next to each other and took a group photo in the end. They are super talented ladies.

At the end when we were supposed to be signing our names and cleaning up, I realized my vase was just too tall and awkward looking. So, I quickly (and I mean QUICKLY!) painted a table top at the bottom to shorten the vase. I’m sure it could use more detail to look like the rest of the painting style as well as sign it.

Blooming Sunset

This painting was surprisingly hard for me to follow instruction. No matter how my perfectionist thoughts were going crazy, my friend April made it a super fun night and helped me learn to love my masterpiece. There’s no room for perfection at paint nite with the small window of time you have to finish. Lol. This is hanging outside where my boys play.

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