DIY Dr. Seuss Felt Shirt and Hat

This week was Dr. Seuss’ birthday and my son’s school had some fun spirit days.

One of the days was crazy hair day. To many parents this seems like a normal task of getting their child’s hair done up for an event. However, this gave me some worry since my son has a very hard time with anything done to his hair. Washing, combing and cutting his hair are major triggers for him. So, I bought him a $3 Cat in the Hat at Target thinking I would sew blue felt hair to the hat instead of doing anything with his actual hair. He sternly declined that idea! I let him have just the hat but then last minute decided to make his shirt look like the Cat in the Hat (which has “hair”) :).

I had a mostly black shirt that I could cover with black felt square. Then cut out a white furry chest and a smaller white furry chest from 2 white felt squares. The fur was made by cutting out the outer circle first then clipping the fur edges with the scissors. The red bow was a free hand drawing I cut out as well out of a red felt square.

I hot glue gunned the bow, white hair and black panel together. I wanted to keep the integrity of the shirt to use again so I hand sewed the finished panel on top of the shirt.

My son LOVED the hat and shirt. He was proud that his mommy made it for him. Teachers thought it was pretty great too.

The last spirit day was pajama day on Dr Seuss’ actually birthday and the snack they were providing was green eggs and ham. Knowing my son definitely won’t go for that snack, I decided to add to his hat for spirit! I drew the green eggs and ham and the fish bowl on felt. Hot glued the pieces together and again sewed them onto the hat to keep the integrity of the hat in case we want to change the added pieces. Everyone wins!

After doing this craft I am more confident with drawing on felt free hand and having it turn out pretty good. It took much less time compared to printing out the clipart, cutting each piece and then outlining them on the felt pieces. Sounds like time I don’t have with two boys. lol

I also realized my hatred for the glue gun is gone! I love it now. Fast and easy!

Thank you for reading šŸ™‚

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