DIY Jellyfish Costume

This year my son actually requested a costume other than Thomas. He wants to be Kwazii from Octonauts. So his 1yo brother will be an octopus and I decided to be a jellyfish. It’s all about the midnight zone! 🐙

Here’s their costumes:

I wanted to create a super easy DIY jellyfish costume to go with their theme. Umbrella, tulle, lights and bubble wrap.

The umbrella was from the Daiso Japan store for $3. I bought 4 battery powered led lights from the dollar store. $4 iridescent celephane roll. $3 jumbo bubble wrap. And I used a yard of purple and white tulle I already had in my stash.

  • Clear or cloudy white umbrella
  • 4 battery powered led light strands (10 lights each)
  • Colored and white tulle
  • Celephane
  • Jumbo bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape

Here’s my inspiration:

At first I bent the umbrella spokes downward to give it more of a dome and I did it too much and it looks kind of wonky BUT this caused the material in between to flap in the wind give it more of an organic, jellyfish feel.

I taped the lights around the inside. 2 strands taped around the top inside and 2 strands hanging down near the pole. I taped the battery packs high up and around the pole for easy on/off switching.


Update 10/25/18:

After 2 more times making this costume I found that the lights for just right between the top of the umbrella and the center spokes. (See picture below) I just taped them together and they sit just right around the pole. After all the rule and cellophane are added the battery packs are hidden! 🙌


Next I took purple tulle and just weaved it between the umbrella material and the spokes.

I cut jumbo bubble wrap (new or recycled) into 3 foot strips with the bubbles down the middle (about an inch) this will cut into every other bubble. I taped them at the point of every spoke and half way up. So about 16 strips total.

Then I taped the iridescent celephane over the lights. I cut the roll in half (long ways) giving me 3 feet by 20″ strips. Taped good at every spoke to make sure it doesn’t fall down. I use packaging tape on everything because it’s super sticky and very clear.

Next I basted 6″ strips of white tulle (1 yard long) and pulled the thread on both sides creating a ruffle. These are tied to the top near the pole. I’ve made 2 finished pieces: 2 yards each.  I plan to make 2 more strands.

Here’s a picture of the inside lit up.

Next part of my costume I sewed a pair of Peg Leg leggings from Patterns for Pirates. This pattern has a discount that makes it free, you just have to join their FB group and grab the code 😉
I am using some amazing cotton lycra fabric from Pink Zepellin Fabrics called “Smoke on the Water” – I think they are perfect for this jellyfish costume!

Update to follow very soon if the final final costume!

Update: First time out to the mall October 28th and almost every parent I past complimented that it was an amazing costume! I’ve never in a million years thought I’d get such a response. I didn’t have a descent top with my leggings, so I went with white maxi skirt and my husband’s undershirt. Just all white underneath and not very flattering but people still liked it. Lol

Update for Halloween: Again, big big hit with passing people. Some things I’ve noticed, the tentacles get caught in tight quarters (not too bad), kids like to pull them or pop them 😄 then again who doesn’t?… everyone loves light up costumes.. lol and this helped light the way from house to house. In fact I was a landmark for my other friends to get found. “Looking for Jennifer? Just look for the jellyfish”. I also found out you could just wear all black and the umbrella in itself is all you need, looking like it’s its own entity. It flows really well in light wind or walking pretty fast. And lastly, it will be super hard to top this next year! Lol 

So this awesome costume because part of the trunk or treat theme for the following year. We one 2nd place for the trunk contest … I really think it was mainly because of the jellyfish costume. It was a hit again! Even with a different umbrella. 🤷‍♀️

Check it out! Jellyfish Trunk or Treat Tutorial

Update Halloween 2018:

I made the costume once again and it was what everyone was talking about. I really REALLY love that it lights the sidewalk for my little trick or treaters. And for 2018 Trunk or Treat this costume was easy to “wear” since I had spent the entire day making 6 scary balloon columns and 1 giant balloon arch for my son’s elementary school. Went well with a plain blue dress I had as kind of the “ocean”.  Check it out on my Instagram @CrazyForDIYMel.

Jelly Fish Costume 2018

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