Blippi Felt Hat Beret DIY – Large Size

Hello my Blippi fans! Halloween is right around the corner and many of our littles are dying to be Blippi for Halloween? 🧡💙 “Haaaaalloween! Haaaaalloween! I just love Halloween! HALLOWEEN!” … yeah we always have that video on repeat! Lol 😊

Something I’ve noticed this week is that due to the ever increasing popularity of Blippi, his hats and accessories are becoming out of stock online as we approach Halloween. This post will guide you step by step to make your very own Blippi hat as well as tips to a no-sew solution. 👍

What makes a Blippi costume look complete?

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  • My original tutorial will help you make a toddler or small child size Blippi felt beret hat which is fitting for up to about a 19.5” head measurement

    If you are making this for a child (about 4 years old and up) with a head size larger than 19.5” I recommend using the adult size version of this free (for personal use) beret pattern/tutorial from Lil Blue Boo. This pattern calls for stretch fabric on the band but you could use the non-stretch felt band as a casing for an 1/4” elastic band. Here’s a side by side view of child vs adult hats from this pattern:

    My 5yo measures about a 20.5” head circumference. For the band, I added 1 more inch lengthwise to the pattern giving it an extra 2” (22” total length).

    Also, since I’m using felt, the beret ended up being too stiff and looking a bit long on the sides compared to Blippi’s hat. Yikes! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    To fix that, I trimmed 5/8” off the outer edge as well as 1/2” off the bottom piece inner circle. I took a picture of the modification I made while sewing as accurate as I could. Red sections are what I cut out.

    If you find that the 22” band is not long enough to pin exactly to the bottom inner circle than you can do a gentle tug to stretch out the felt a little. The nice thing about felt is it can be stretched out but the sometimes not so nice thing is it doesn’t stretch back into original size. So be careful not to stretch too much. 😵 If you need even more band length and added say 2 more inches lengthwise to the band pattern piece (making it 24” long) then you’ll need to trim off more bottom piece inner circle until it measures the same length in its circumference. I just trim about 1/4” at a time until it’s close enough. Then stretch.

    Also, for this large sized hat project, I purchased craft solid gold felt 72” by the yard at $5/yd at Joann’s.

    I only used a 16×25” section of the gold felt. You could easily make 3 adult hats out of 1/2 a yard of this gold felt. In the child size pattern tutorial I had to use sections of the gold felt I had lying around to make the big circle pieces so being able to cut the whole pieces out that I needed saved a lot of time. 👍

    I still had the same light teal felt from before and I was able to cut the 3 teal pie pieces from a 9×12” felt sheet. If you fold the large top pattern piece in thirds (instead of measure and cut the pie pieces out) then you can avoid having to print and cut another whole pattern piece.

    Pin teal pie-shaped pieces to orange top circle piece and top stitch on the blue pieces. I used orange thread to contrast with the teal.

    You can cut a hole in the inside of the casing and add the 1/4” elastic band. Attach each end of the elastic with a safety pin and leave the hole open. I do this in case I need to adjust for another size head.

    Don’t forget the button! Sew a white 1″ button on the top. Done.

    Another tip is this hat looks better if you flip the band inside so you don’t see it from the outside. Like this 👇 Same exact hat, 2 different looks.

    NOT CRAFTY? No problem!

    Another suggestion I would have for non-crafty or busy parents in a very tight bind for a Halloween Blippi hat is to buy an orange beanie like this Cat & Jack(TM) beanie at Target and hot glue gun 3 peacock felt pie-shaped cut outs on top. Good enough for one night and some quick pictures!

    It will look more like the beanie that comes with the Blippi pajama set at Target:

    I truly hope this post helps parents out there who are super lost and frustrated about completing their kids Blippi costume with this hard-to-buy hat.

    If this was helpful, please “like” my post. 👍

    Let me know if the comments if you’ve tried this. Tips and tricks to add are always welcome! 😍

    Thanks for reading!

    I love to post DIY updates in the making ❤️ … because every day has it’s crafty moments! IG & FB @CrazyForDIYMel

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