DIY Bee Keeper Costume

Here’s a fun costume idea for bee fans and for us it was our school mascot. My son won 2nd place in our elementary Halloween costume contest. It was a hit! 🐝

Here are the beekeeper jacket and gloves I bought from Amazon:

Kids bee keeper jacket
Kids bee keeper gloves

Here’s the paper lanterns I used for the beehive. I had a 12” white one already on hand and painted it gold with mirror gold spray paint from Joann’s. I recommend one that’s gold already from Amazon.

Gold paper lantern (beehive)

I cut up toilet paper rolls 1/2 wide and folded them into hexagons and taped them onto the lantern. And cut yellow-orange cottton fabric I already had into drops of honey and glued those onto some of the hexagon as well as the sides of the lantern.

The important thing to note is that this lantern is not for holding candy. Maybe adding fairy lights inside but it will not be sturdy enough to be a candy holder and there’s a hole at the bottom of the lantern. We used it to light up the path for truck or treating at night.

I think the bees are the accent that makes it a cool costume! I created a bee cutout template on my cricut and just quickly colored the bee details in with a sharpie. I made about 30 bees and stuck them onto the hat/jacket, gloves and lantern with double sided tape. When I made this lantern is we super last minute .. like the day before the school parade .. yay! #teamnosleep lol

Here’s the svg file on design space. They are about 3in long but completely sizable.

Cricut Design Space SVG FREE bee cutout

I had these balloons as well in my inventory so I made 2 balloon twisted bees and added one to the lantern (beehive) and a little crown on its head with a Q for queen 👑🐝

I also made a “save the bees” cutout I added to his shirt. #savethebees

The cool thing about this costume is it’s a real bee keeper outfit so if your little one would be daring enough to join in on bee keeping for real your set! Or you can resell the beekeeper set to a local hive or bee enthusiast.

Tag me at @CrazyForDIYMel on Instagram if you make this costume or find it helpful. I love seeing all the creative costumes out there!

Also, if you need more info on how to make this I will reply to comments. 🤗

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