Paint Nite Masterpieces

Paint Nite has been the most fun way to celebrate a birthday for my family and friends. It’s great because you don’t really have to be a painter. The 2 hr instruction and supplies you get for only $25 (with Paint Nite coupon code or Groupon deal) are all you need to create a masterpiece. Drinks are not required but definitely make it super fun! 🍻

Starry Night Paris

First time I didn’t do exactly what was instructed. Instead I did a silhouette of my boys star gazing instead of the Eiffel Tower silhouette. Currently hanging in the living room above the kids play area 😍

Pink Tulip Vase

One of my favorite paintings! Currently residing in my kitchen.


I chose this painting to paint for my niece whom I have told her rainbows and butterflies will be her happy place in times of struggles. I decided to use my Cricut and cut out her favorite scripture in vinyl to align with the wings.

I photoshopped the type into a picture I took of the painting. Then I exported to a png file and imported it into Design Space for cutting. I added a layer of Modge Podge for extra adhessiveness. Those letters are tiny!


This painting was fun. Currently hanging over the diaper changing table.

Fall trees

Such a fun painting! It goes so nicely over the fireplace for fall. 🍁🍂🎃

Road through the forest

I wanted to paint this for my husband because he likes road paintings. Currently hangs in his office 😘

Emerald forest

I love this purple tree. Currently hangs in one of our bathrooms.

Japanese blossom (my first)

My first ever Paint Nite painting. I don’t like this one but it was a fun first. 😂

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