Fun Red Carpet and Popcorn at the Movies Trunk or Treat Tutorial

Trunk or Treat 2019 was a hit! Mini red carpet theme worked out great for the preschoolers. The parents all turned into their littles’ paparazzi. 📸 Total Pinterest pin recreation success. I’ve documented the steps to recreate this masterpiece for anyone to make something similar.

This year I used our hatchback car because it’s black and easy to hang decor from the open trunk.

I already made the popcorn boxes (which I will post a step-by-step tutorial very soon) using dollar tree foam board and red masking tape. I originally made them for a full popcorn arch for L.A.’s Solute To Recreation 2019 and of course I’ve been hoarding them! lol I was also able to use the same color balloons (white, pearl white, ivory, golden rod and yellow) to make the small clusters to fit in either box. The popcorn boxes were duct taped down to the ground because it was super windy during trunk or treat. I almost lost my popcorn balloons twice that day!

The PVC frame was constructed with my balloon column bases/poles to drape the red table cloths and tie to the sides to look like movie curtains. The frame was about 6.5ft high and as wide as the trunk was.

Another (3/4″) PVC pipe wired through (with 12 gauge wire) and hanging over the trunk to hang a folded vinyl night time cityscape (affiliate link) I used for a PJ Mask photo backdrop. It was originally 5x7ft backdrop and I only needed 3ft wide to fit behind the curtains so folding it helped. I used binder clips on the sides under the PVC pipe to keep the vinyl from sliding down. It worked out great.

Then I quickly created a sign on the computer (the night before) to fit the width of a dollar tree foam board I already have. I printed it out and then used spray-adhesive onto the foam board. Then I hot glue gunned ping pong balls to the sides making it look like marquee lights. If I had more time I would have painted the ping pongs yellow and used gold wrapping paper behind the ping pong balls instead of the yellow. The sign was duct taped to the curtains.

Cardboard 12″ gold stars were taped to the curtains as well. I took 2 black foam boards and taped them together and then taped them to the car to cover the license plate which completed the “movie screen” look.

I made sure I brought red duct tape to tape 2 dollar tree red cardboard sheets to the asphalt to make a sturdy “red carpet”. THE BEST part of this was the roped poles made of gold-painted plungers and red streamers from the 99 cents store. Each plunger was only $1!  The gold metallic spray paint (affiliate link) was only $4.

Here was my Pin-spiration:

Nailed it!

I know it’s kind of last minute post being that Halloween is around the corner but this is a sure winner for any photo booth at a party.. even a cute little movie themed birthday party where everyone dresses up as their favorite movie star. Adorbs!!

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If you re-create it, send me pics! ❤️ msboreham -at- gmail -dot- com

Thanks for reading!


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