Balloon Decor: My New Obsession

A year ago, I was introduced to this mysterious thing called balloon decor, specifically a balloon arch. I would never have imagined how impactful it was to me. Fast forward a year to today: I’m happily creating custom balloon decor for events in my local area and sometimes I’m blessed to be able to add some DIY flair to the mix. It’s so refreshing.

It started when I was volunteering for my son’s preschool and another mom brought the idea of a balloon arch for decor. She had done them for personal events but told me it could be a very lucrative side gig and it’s super easy to do! Let me show you 👇

We used a ($3) 20-foot long 3/4″ PVC pipe from Home Depot and 2 volunteers brought in 2 umbrella stands. We used her double air pump (affiliate link) BEST time saver ever! Two balloons can be inflated at the same time and tying them together to make balloon duplets. Now I carry a long extension cord if I am inflating balloons on site AND an extra dual pump in case this one stops working mid-job. They do tend to get hot after 200+ balloons so I switch before it overheats.

We eye-balled the balloon sizing and did 3 arches that school year: Trike-A-Thon, Spaghetti Bingo Night and Graduation. Everyone just loved the arches! So easy and in-expensive.

I still can’t figure out why we didn’t continue adding balloons down to the floor. 🤷🏻‍♀️

All three of these arches were possible with just 3 (different colors) packages of 72-count from PartyCity. So, about $30 total, with balloons left over for the next project or to fill with helium and spread out around the room. Success!

During this time of trial and error I did a lot of YouTube research and came across Sandi Madori, San Diego’s celebrity balloon designer. Check our her video “How To Make A Balloon Without Helium” … You NEED to subscribe to her channel. Her YouTube tutorials gave me hope and courage.. it’s full of informative tutorials… even on DIY’ing the equipment itself. “Go forth and balloonify!!” 🤩🎈

I can’t wait to share more of my creations and some fun balloon hacks I’ve found. 🙌

Thanks for reading! -Mel 🥰

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