| Amigurumi Animals & Monsters is absolutely my newest favorite addiction! I’ve always thought there should be an app for teaching sewing and it has manifested beyond my greatest expectations. It offers classes like jewelry making, crocheting, cake decorating, gardening, etc. Classes range from FREE to $40 each and come with downloadable pdf instructions and patterns. Every other month they offer fantastic half off sales events – YAY! I am extremely happy for this new found gem.

The courses are easily playable on a computer, iPad or iPhone. I believe with the convenient delivery of this content and well constructed course layouts, the young generation can get in touch with hands-on crafting. Especially some of the not-so-popular crafts such as weaving, looming and torch fired jewelry making. Not only do they currently have an amazing array of crafty courses but they add an average of 1 much-needed class a week.

Classes I’ve taken so far: Amigurumi: Woodland Animals and Amigurumi: Design Your Own Moster
The woodland animals course teaches you the basics of crocheting as well as the basic construction of Amigurumi animals. The design your own course teaches you how to literally design on paper your monster of choice and then create the pattern to put it together. Amazing! Here are the little critters I’ve made with these 2 classes. These are both from the patterns that come with each course. I can’t wait to make more! šŸ™‚

My first Amigurumi animal – Chunky Birdie |

Amigurumi monster

Mr. Monstie |

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