Color Street – DIY Nail Polish Strips

I’d like to begin by saying I have never been a girly girl. I strive to be low maintenance. Pedicures only 2 times a year: Mother’s Day and my birthday. I even stopped box-dying my hair and proudly sporting the pre-mature grey that runs in my family. I wear my usual mom uniform every day: yoga pants and a tshirt.

However, a good friend of mine, Stephy Reese, blessed me with a sample of these new DIY nail polish strips in my LuLaRoe shipment one time and I.Am.Hooked! I am so hooked that I ordered more and I am so fired up blogging about it. All these pictures are my own and the opinions to follow are 100% from yours truly. I do have a Nail Bar link that I am sharing which provides rewards for me when my friends and family place their orders. YAY!

The cherry blossom (Sakura Festival) nails were my first set. Perfect for Spring.

Color Street

There are so many reasons why I LOVE these nails. Here they are and I will try to keep it simple.

  1. Easy to apply.  Just peel off both sides of the strip and stick on to the nail. Using your index finger nail to perforate the edges. The excess nail strip over the skin will just peel right off.
  2. No dry time needed. This is super important for busy mom life. Immediately upon finishing application (about 10 min to apply), I have had to change a dirty diaper and do the dishes with no affect on the freshly applied nail polish strips.
  3. More than 2 uses per pack to save money. Each pack is about $12. There’s also buy 3 get 1 free deals. Each pack comes with 12 nail strips in various sizes. If your nail length is about average like mine then you can get both the left and right finger nail covered with just one strip. This brings the cost to be about $6 per application which lasts about 2 weeks. In order to preserve the integrity of the left over nails you can seal the package back up with an iron. If the package is left open they will dry out and not be usable.
  4. So many cute styles. I’ve gotten many compliments on my nails. I am a fan of the glitters and florals. I love that you can mix and match where the glitters can be accents to the solids or florals. Usually, I’m asked how much did it cost at the nail salon. I don’t even know how much it would be at a salon since I’ve only ever had standard pedis or manis in my life. Lol  Here’s an example of Atlantis (mermaid nails) with Mardi Gras glitter accent. These are my favorite and my current nails as I’m typing.
  5. Very durable. I am constantly doing cleaning, dishes, gardening, sanding, painting, and playing with very energetic boys every day. I have to say that these nails hold up very well through all that I do. Very much like gel polish but easy to take off of the nails with standard nail polish. So impressive!

The grey and rose gold glitter set are called Capital Hill. They were my second set and I was able to mix up my favorite mint sugar scrub right after finishing my nails. (also shown in the photo below)

These easy-to-apply “Color Street” nail polish strips have officially brought me over to the girly side. Every time my nails shimmer in the sun… it makes me happy.

Have you tried nail polish strips? What do you think about them? I’m so curious to hear what other people have tried, love/hate about this neat invention.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

UPDATE: 5/2/18

Newest and most awesome set! Tokyo Lights glitter. So many compliments. Love the rainbow sparkles 💖🌈

UPDATE: 8/20/18

New glitter dipped release! Danube Cool nail set is on point matching my Apple Watch band 🙌 💙

UPDATE: 2/7/2023

A must-have to match my new winter buffalo plaid scarf, fuzzy socks and blanket. Wisconsin is cold!! 🥶

Thank you so much for reading! ~Melanie

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