DIY Tinkerbell Costume

My son’s BFF wanted to be Tinker Bell and I had the pleasure of making this for her. So much fun! Any excuse for a crafty play date is the BEST! 🤗

Lots of glitter green tulle, green organza, green felt, elastic, gold ribbon, green embellishment flower and fairy wings. Everything was from Joann’s accept the fairy wings were a dollar store must.

The organza was used to make a slip for under the tulle since it tends to be a bit itchy and a bit see through. I cut a piece that would generously wrap around and over lap a little. Then sewed a small casing for a 1/8″ elastic band. Then cut triangles out on the bottom to get the fairy look. This slip is separate from the tulle.

The tulle was made that standard tutu “no-sew” method. Lots of strips cut from a couple yards of tulle. Each strip is about 3″x 18″ and tied around a 1/2″ elastic band. Then cutting the ends to be pointed and random.  I used a paper towel on a diaper genie for my maiden form -lol. I wrapped a 1.5″ gold satin ribbon around the elastic band.

The belt was some of the tulle scraps haphazardly sewn on to a strip of organza .. the messier the better!

The green flower embeishment was pinned onto the fairy wings and the wings are pinned to the tulle elastic band.

Then I quickly took some felt and the 1/8″ elastic and made fairy shoe covers. Similar to these elf shoe covers. Adding a ball of tulle scraps on each one. And when I say quickly, I mean the day of Halloween! 😳

And when those were done… I attempted to make a fairy bag with the felt, ribbon and some wire I had lying around. I cut 5 leaf shapes and sewed them together 3/4 up on each side. I sewed the wire circle around the opening of the bag to keep it open (this did not work because my wire was too pliable next time I would use wire from a wire hanger). Then sewed the gold ribbon as a handle.

Here’s my inspiration for the bag:


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