DIY Eyeball Cupcakes

These were so fun and easy to make for our friend’s Toddler Halloween Party 🎃


I got the idea from Pinterest. A pin that led me to this awesome recipe at Annie’s Eats – Eyeball Cupcakes

Mine was a quick box kind of mashup.

  1. Boxed cake mix
  2. Whipped white/vanilla icing
  3. A Halloween package of paper cupcake cups
  4. Red gel icing in a tube
  5. Monsters Inc gummy eyes

It’s a no-brainer. Bake the cupcakes as per box instructions. Spread on the icing.

Apply red gel swirls (for the eyeball veins) and extra in the middle. Place eyeball on center of cupcake!

Done 👍

Also, I used the extra eyes to go on the jello brain mold dish. It did not turn out as awesome as I’d hoped but still fun to play with! 


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