Baby Shower Games

I was so excited to have the opportunity to make 2 baby games for my Children’s Book themed baby shower thrown for me by my AMAZING family. These games are so fun to make!!! 🙂

I especially love the passive games where you can place them on the guest sign-in table or possibly set next to the diaper cake centerpiece and guests can play throughout the party.  I have 2 favorite games I like to make; Candy Guessing Game & Baby Due Date Lottery.


Baby shower display – adorable!

Candy Guessing Game

The typical candy guessing games I see online usually involve loads of the same candy (sometimes color coded for baby’s gender) in a clear container (large glass jar or a jumbo size plastic baby bottle bank). I thought I would try to craft something different this time. I sought out to find a container large enough to hold a good amount of candy and plastic so guests can pick up and inspect from all angles. Bingo! I found the perfect container in the shape of a bear at Target filled with animal cookies.

You could use the animal cookies as your guessing “candy”. I prefer candy that is individually wrapped so I decided to fill it with Hershey’s Kisses; both original (silver foil) and cookies n’ cream (light blue foil). It took quite a bit of chocolate to fill that bear; (1) 40oz bag + (3) 10.5oz bags.


My next challenge was to hide the red lid and back/front labels.

  1. The lid: I cut out some baby fleece fabric, glued it onto the lid and tied a ribbon around it.
  2. The labels: I cut some blue wrapping paper the same shape as the labels and glued those on. I then searched online for a classic baby book theme involving a bear & kisses and found “A Kiss for Little Bear“.  I decided to label the game “How many kisses for little bear?” – perfect!

Fun Candy Guessing Game


*update: This bear has been so great to give to L&D nurses when you’re in postpartum. Here’s a few versions I made for my second baby and my friend’s second baby. It usually lasts the whole 3 days you’re admitted. 😜

Baby Due Date Lottery

The idea is to create a calendar with the due date in the middle and have the quests pay a dollar for each day they guess the baby will actually arrive on. You can decide to let them play the actual due date or not. I covered mine up with a sticker. The person who guessed right will be given the entire lottery pot and if there are multiple guesses the money would be divided of course. 🙂

This is an easy one – sort of:

  1. Use a 12×12″ scrapbook paper and adhere it to a 12×12″ card board which will help the ladies write there name on their date.
  2. Print out a plain calendar to adhere to the middle. I used my Canon printer’s letter size calendar template and enlarged it slightly to fill the 12×12″ area a little more. I usually just double stick tape everything together because it’s super easy and there’s no dry time. I LOVE Scotch permanent double sided tape!
  3. I printed out the word August in MS Word using outlined font, colored it in with a shimmer gel pen and cut it out with an Exacto knife. Can we say tedious?! – this is where the Silhouette Cameo machine would come in handy – a girl can dream, can’t she? LOL!
  4. I added a few baby boy scrapbook embellishments from Joann’s.
  5. Next it’s important to print out some cute directions to display next to the calendar, since this game will most likely be unattended until it’s game time. Something like: “When will little (name) arrive… Early or Late? Write your name on the day(s) you predict he will arrive. Drop a dollar for each prediction in the glass jar. Good luck!”
  6. Last but not least, the container for the money. I used a hurricane vase for this one.

Baby Due Date Game

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