Teacher Appreciation Crayon Vase Centerpieces

Last year for my son’s preschool, I volunteered to contribute flowers for the teacher appreciation breakfast. I said I would love to create centerpieces for them. ❤️💐 I envisioned them with sunshine and rainbows and apples so Pinterest searching I went!

I found a Pinterest pin that brought me to this super creative blog using crayons! 🌈 Crayon Utensil Holders (or Pencil Holders) – by Creative Creations

Supplies you’ll need:

    recycled cans
    black paint
    red felt
    green paper
    glue gun

I started with 5 used soup cans, cleaned and painted with black Rust-oleum spray paint. I purchased 4 boxes of 48-count crayons at the Dollar Tree and hot glue gunned the crayons onto the sides. About 25 crayons per can. It was nice to have many crayons to choose from because I chose the brightest colors first.

I bought this special “teachers rule” ribbon from Joann’s. So cute! I glued it flush to the crayons. Then cut apple shapes out of red felt to cover the glued part of the ribbon. Cut a leaf out of the green glitter paper and a snip-it if twine for the stem.

I bought 3 bunches of flowers and was able to fill all five cans. The flowers really gave it a nice touch. The sunflowers matched the name of my son’s class: “The Sunshine Class”.

They came out so great! The teachers loved them and were able to use the vases as pencil holders in each classroom using the flower pens (the pens with fake flowers taped to the end) with dry beans in the can. 🙌

Even though they ended up not doing individual tables it looks really pretty within the buffet style spread in the kitchen. 🙌😍

I’m really happy with how these turned out. Hope this inspires someone else to make some beautiful teacher centerpieces or gifts.

Thanks for reading! 😍 Mel

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