Hooded Baby Towel

Pinterest has been bar far the best thing ever invented!! I mean nothing could be better than a well organized visual representation of your bookmarks, ideas, favorite things and places, etc. I love that I can virtually hoard all the DIY projects I want to make in my life span!

My most recent sewing project came from Just Another Day In Paradise blog post which I thankfully found on good ol’ Pinterest 🙂

This tutorial was illustrated very well with step-by-step and imagery. I did not make my own bias (although it’s something I want to do in my near future!) but I did buy the Walmart 4-pk towels she recommends and used some scrap fabric to make the applique. I also translated her tutorial into my own sketched steps with measurements.

Can’t wait to make more of these with the rest of the towels, perhaps one with a whale applique and another with a duck applique! Woohoo!

My sketched steps of the Hooded Towel Tutorial

My sketched steps

My supplies from Joann's & Walmart

My supplies from Joann’s & Walmart

Frog Applique

Frog Applique

Frog Hooded Baby Towel

My finished hooded towel 🙂

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