Festive Snowman Pumpkin

I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away perfectly good pumpkins. They were too small to cook. I had 3 of them and thought what if these made a snowman. I looked it up on Pinterest and of course found some fun tutorials and with a collaboration of different ideas … here’s my version.

I used a hot glue gun to attached the pumpkins to each other. This required A LOT of glue! Then painted 2 coats of acrylic white paint.

For the hat I used half a toilet paper roll, 2 circle cut outs of recycled cereal box cardboard and assembled with drafting tape. Painted the hat with black acrylic paint.

For the Snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth and buttons I used some foam letters (mostly the inside of the letters that you throw away)

For his scarf I cut a strip out from a scrap fleece fabric, fringed the edges and ties it around his neck.

Garnish with cotton balls, small white craft balls, red shiny ball ornaments and left over twigs from trimming the Christmas tree. 🙌

This guy really brought together our mantel  for Christmas. Its about as close to a snowman we will ever get here in Cali! Lol

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